Columbia College Chicago’s acclaimed Summer at Columbia program provides high school students with college credit and an introduction to campus life, while they explore their creativity and talent in areas such as Filmmaking, Entrepreneurship for Creatives, Investigative Journalism and Podcasting, Making Games, Trendspotting, Hip-Hop Movement and Culture, and more.

Summer College Prep

AGES 15-18; JULY 9-27, 2018

Camp Structure

  • Participate in a program uniquely designed for high school students by our award-winning faculty and staff.
  • Learn directly from leaders in the creative industries.
  • Meet and collaborate with like-minded peers and graduate mentors from around the world.
  • Participate in various industry-specific enrichment activities while exploring the City of Chicago.
  • Gain hands-on classroom experience, while earning college credit that can be used towards your major should you attend Columbia College Chicago in the future.
  • Have the opportunity to live on campus in the vibrant South Loop neighborhood of Chicago.

Programs for Summer 2018:

Important Information