Credits earned during the Summer at Columbia high school program transfer directly to Columbia College Chicago. You may also transfer credits to other colleges and universities based on the discretion of those institutions.

The grades you earn through Summer at Columbia are important because they become part of your permanent college record. Your participation in class, your effort and diligence in completing all assignments and, of course, your attendance will impact your final grade in the program. At the completion of the program, final grades will be available online and mailed to you.

Attendance is required for all class sessions. Absences must be reported to the instructor immediately. Excessive absence may result in your failing a class. Vacations or planned time away are not acceptable absences during Summer at Columbia, so please plan accordingly.

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects the privacy of student academic records. Under the act, personally identifiable information about a student cannot be released without the student's express written permission. Any student attending a post-secondary school, regardless of age, is protected by FERPA. Summer at Columbia students, by virtue of their attendance at Columbia College Chicago, are covered by the Act, and their grades and other confidential information cannot be released to any third party, including a parent.