Elevate your photography skills at one or both of our weeks dedicated to the medium. Both programs are customized to build onto students’ existing abilities. Cameras will be provided but students are also welcome to bring their own if preferred. 


Photo Manipulations

JULY 16 – JULY 20, 2018 [SESSION 1]

Join us this week to take a deep-dive into photo editing and learn why you can’t always trust photos on the internet. Students will gain foundation skills in photography and Photoshop, playing with image manipulations both subtle and silly to create absurd, confusing, and mesmerizing pieces. Class time will not be held exclusively in the lab but split between outdoor and indoor activities.


Candid Photography (Street and Portraiture)

AUGUST 13 – AUGUST 17, 2018 [SESSION 2]

Become a fly on the City’s walls and learn how to capture genuine beauty in the everyday. The week will combine close looks and discussions on notable works from history, technical training on DSLR cameras, image editing, and field work within the building and immediate area under the supervision of instructors and Teaching Assistants. By the end of the week, students will have multiple pieces to take with them that showcase their understanding of timing, composition, contrast, and subject.