Learn how to command a room and own the screen in one of our performance Intensives. From seasoned actors to those who just have the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat, there’s a place for you here:  


Musical Theater

JUNE 25 – JUNE 29, 2018 [SESSION 1]

Discover what it takes to be a triple threat during our Musical Theater week and dive into a select section of a Broadway favorite to be performed at the end of the week. No previous experience in music or theater is required but students should be prepared for a highly active week.  


Acting for the Camera

JULY 30 – AUGUST 3, 2018 [SESSION 2]

In this course we’ll explore the nuances to performing on camera. The week includes workshops in vocal and non-verbal communication, as well as technical elements like close-ups and hitting marks. Students have multiple opportunities to record and review their work in preparation for the final ‘audition’ recording which will be available for download immediately following the last day of the program.