In each of these production-focused Intensives, students will gain hands-on experience in writing, cinematography, directing, and editing within their favorite genres, ending the week with links to their finished pieces:


Comedy Dialogue

JUNE 25 – JUNE 29, 2018 [SESSION 1]

If a good joke lands in the forest and no one’s around to film it, is it even funny? Join this Intensive and learn how to produce comedic exchange on camera from start to finish. The week kicks off with writing 101 so students can find their unique sense of humors and bring it to the page. From there, students work independently and in crews to build key skills in directing, cinematography, and video editing before applying what they’ve learned to their own vignettes.



JULY 23 – JULY 27, 2018 [SESSION 2]

Suspense is the heart of this Intensive where students explore various ways to build drama on camera with an emphasis on ‘subtlety’ over ‘shock value.’ The week starts with developing foundation skills in writing, directing, cinematography, and editing but with a particular focus on elements of design such as lighting and sound. Students end the week crafting their own chilling scenes.