Columbia College Chicago

Meet the Faculty

Kristen Regester

Early Childhood & Kids Classes

Kristen Regester received her Bachelor of Music in Instrumental Music Education from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  She began her career at Sherwood, The Community Music School at Columbia College Chicago in 1999 teaching for both the Early Childhood and Percussion departments.  After gaining her Music Together ® certification, Kristen developed curricula such as Percussion 4 Kids ©, Exploring Musical Instruments ©, and BE the Music! © for children ages 3-6.  In 2008, she gained the administrative role of Early Childhood Program Manager and has been leading an amazing faculty ever since. 

A percussionist, drummer, dancer, and singer, she has been actively involved in many different rock/blues and drum theater bands around the Chicago-land area.  As an educator, she has been very influenced by the foundation of Music Together ®, believing that all children are musical.  Her most recent passion is studying towards her Dalcroze Eurhythmics certification at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.  A kinesthetic music education approach, Dalcroze Eurhythmics explores the principles of music utilizing the body as the main instrument.  She currently applies the principles of Eurhythmics to the talented students of Sherwood’s Suzuki Preparatory Program.  She is very passionate about working with children and adults who are differently-abled, and finds that music is the bridge connecting her to them. 

Kristen is forever grateful to all of her students who teach her an exponential amount everyday, and often wonders if she is the student.