Columbia College Chicago

Meet the Faculty

Lisa Goethe-McGinn

Suzuki Flute

Preferred Student Age: 5 and up.

Preferred Student Level:
 Beginners to Advanced.

How long have you been on faculty at Sherwood?

 Since 2003.

Briefly describe your musical pursuits outside Sherwood.
I perform contemporary/avant garde and free improvisation and work with composers on new pieces. I perform with Ensemble NoAmnesia, MAVerick Ensemble, plus solo work.

What do you want to impart to your students through your teaching?
The enjoyment of music and the flute. I tell them to listen to all kinds of music, not just classical.

Are there specific methods or techniques that you use in your teaching that may be important to share with prospective students?
Being Suzuki certified, I now teach my traditional students using some of the same methods that I use for Suzuki (i.e., playing examples to give them a sense of good tone, etc., and encouraging listening and learning by ear). I do believe in teaching reading fairly early.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?
Helping the student solve musical or instrumental problems and helping them see that they have what it takes to figure out some of the issues on their own.

What is your earliest musical experience?
My parents would take me and my brother to jazz festivals every summer and also to the symphony.

Please describe one of your favorite teachers or mentors.
An undergraduate instructor introduced me to contemporary music and also encouraged me to venture into other music besides the standard literature (i.e., jazz and avant garde).

What is your favorite type of music?
The Contemporary period is my favorite, but I love all: Salvatore Sciarrino, Beethoven, Brahms, Bach. And then I love Rock, Jazz, and World Music.