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The Suzuki Method stems from the fundamental principal that Every Child Can Learn. Just as every child learns his own language, every child can learn to play an instrument. Dr. Suzuki trained teachers to break down larger concepts, such as 'how to hold the cello', into smaller easily learned exercises. Each exercise is carefully thought out and sequenced so that over the course of a few lessons, the child learns the entire task of 'how to hold the cello'. Suzuki trained teachers use positive reinforcement to encourage a fertile learning environment, while maintaining high standards of execution.

Parents are an integral part of each lesson and form part of the Suzuki Lesson Triangle, serving as the at-home teacher. The Suzuki Method is tailored to teach very young children, as young as 3 years old. The goals of the Suzuki Method are to enrich the lives of children by playing a musical instrument and to give each child the satisfaction that comes from the ability to do something well. The philosophy of the method teaches the child discipline, memory, focus, self-esteem and confidence, among other skills.



We have built an engaged and loyal community around the Suzuki program that nurtures a safe and fun environment for students, parents and teachers. Our events include year-round parent education classes, book club meetings, fundraising opportunities, field trips, and performances at cultural institutions around Chicago.

Our faculty includes over a dozen Suzuki trained instructors. Our teachers are actively engaged in the larger Suzuki community and are members of the Suzuki Association of the Americas. Our faculty participate in ongoing Suzuki Teacher Training and development activities in our effort to ensure that our program offers high quality instruction.

* Please note that students may begin violin & cello at age 3 only with special permission from the Suzuki Program Manager. An in-person interview is requred to assess the readiness of your 3-year old before beginning instruction. Contact the Suzuki Program Manager for details.

Suzuki Instruction

Ages 4 and up

Suzuki Instruction is offered for the following instruments: Violin, Cello, Piano, Guitar, Flute, Viola.

New students are welcome to start Suzuki Instruction at any time throughout the year, tuition will be pro-rated for new students starting after the start of the fall term.

  • Once enrolled in Suzuki, students are expected to remain in the program through the end of the school year. All components of the Suzuki program follows our academic calendar. Each term (Fall and Spring) lasts 16 weeks. In order to continue the program, families will need to register twice a year: once for Fall Term and again for Spring Term.
  • Group class assignments will be determined by the student's individual lesson instructor according to student level.
  • Participation in our Suzuki Program requires attendance by the student and a parent/caregiver at a weekly individual lesson and a weekly group class.

To participate in the Suzuki program, you will need to register for the following components of the program:

  • Your Private Lesson
  • Suzuki Group Classes
  • Suzuki Preparatory Program (optional, but recommended)

If you are ready to enroll in lessons or have additional questions, please visit our 'How to Register for Suzuki' page, or click the first link in the menu on the right. 

For questions or inquiries, contact Nobuaki Tanaka, the Suzuki Program Coordinator, at (312) 369-3156, or at

Click here to download a copy of the 2017-2018 Suzuki Group Class and Preparatory Program Schedule

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Suzuki Preparatory Program

The Suzuki Preparatory Program welcomes Suzuki students of all levels ages 4 and up studying violin, viola, and cello. The Preparatory Program supplements conventional Suzuki classes through our innovative cross curriculum, offering a robust and complete music education in a fun and engaging atmosphere.

Preparatory Classes include:

EURHYTHMICS: A kinesthetic approach to teaching music education that emphasizes the concepts of singing, rhythm, and improvisation using the body as the instrument, thereby enhancing physical awareness and experience of musical expression.

PERFORMANCE CLASS: A oncer per month recital class that strengthens student's performance techniques, builds confidence on stage, and develops proper audience etiquette. Performance Class is offered in lieu of the other classes on the last Saturday of every month.

NOTE READERS: For students who are Suzuki Book 2 and above, this reinforces note reading of both treble and bass clefs. 

STRING ENSEMBLES: For students who test out of or successfully complete Note Readers, students develop sight reading and ensemble playing skills in a chamber orchestra setting.

The Suzuki Preparatory Program is a 32 week program. Classes run on Saturdays starting September 10, 2016. Parental attendance is optional for the Preparatory Program, but parents of children ages 4-6 are required to be in close proximity.

Tuition is $300 for the 32 week program for students taking private lessons with us. Other instruments are welcome on a case-by-case basis or by private lesson instructor recommendation. Students interested in the Suzuki Preparatory Program who are currently taking private lessons outside of our programs may enroll in the program for a fee of $500 per year.

Click here to download a copy of the 2017-2018 Suzuki Group Class and Preparatory Program Schedule

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