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Individual Lessons

Individual Lessons enable students to learn technique and repertoire that is best suited to their particular needs, and are a vital part of a musician's education. Individual lessons also foster important life skills such as discipline, perseverance, self-motivation, patience, focus, time management, and confidence.


Individual lessons follow an open enrollment policy, new enrollments in individual lessons are accepted at anytime throughout the year. 

Our Student Services Manager will help you decide which instructor is right for you as well as assist in determining an appropriate lesson length, and will then schedule a trial lesson at a mutually agreed upon day and time. The trial lesson is a single paid lesson ($42 fee) that allows the student (and parent) to meet the teacher to determine if the instructor is the right fit for the student, as well as receive important feedback and, if needed, level assessment from the instructor. Once the trial lesson is completed, you may enroll for the remaining weeks in the term, or request another trial lesson with a different instructor.

Individual Lessons

Ages 4+

Individual lessons are offered in the following instruments:

String Instruments Wind Instruments Other
Violin Flute Piano
Viola Clarinet Voice
Cello Saxophone Percussion & Drum Set
Bass (upright & electric) Composition
Guitar (acoustic & electric) Jazz Improvisation

Tuition Rates

30 minute lessons: $42/lesson
45 minute lessons: $57/lesson
60 minute lessons: $72/lesson 

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