Columbia College Chicago

Our Mission

The mission of Continuing and Community Education at Columbia College Chicago is to serve as a gateway for anyone who wishes to be engaged in the arts through high-quality and accessible classes and lessons that reflect the vibrant and diverse Columbia curriculum. As the provider of community arts education to a growing number of students, we encourage and celebrate sustained engagement with the arts through private music instruction, group classes, and performance opportunities for students, regardless of age, ability, or financial means.

Mission of Columbia College Chicago

Columbia College Chicago is an undergraduate and graduate institution whose principal commitment is to provide a comprehensive educational opportunity in the arts, communications, and public information within a context of enlightened liberal arts education. Columbia's intent is to educate students who will communicate creatively and shape the public's perceptions of issues and events, and who will author the culture of their times. Columbia is an urban institution whose students reflect the economic, racial, cultural, and educational diversity of contemporary America. Columbia conducts education in close relatinship to a vital urban reality and serves an important civic purpose by active engagement in the life and culture of the city of Chicago.

Did you

The current student body is an exciting mix of cultures from nearly every neighborhood in Chicago, the surrounding suburbs, and Northwest Indiana; over 80% are under the age of 18 and roughly 20% are adults. Students of African, Asian and Latino descent make up nearly 60% of the full student body. Approximately 10% of community education students receive additional support in the form of need-based financial aid.