Columbia College Chicago

Meet the Faculty

Martine Benmann

Suzuki Cello

Preferred Student Age: 3 ½ to 18.

Preferred Student Level:
 Beginner to Advanced.

How long have you been on Faculty at Sherwood Conservatory of Music?

Since 1991.

Briefly describe your musical pursuits outside Sherwood.

Performing in the community (including hospitals and nursing homes) and schools in order to share music, to educate and to heal.

What do you want to impart to your students through your teaching?
The love of music; the awareness to appreciate music and music making; the necessity of music making and music appreciation in one’s life; and a sense that music is vital element in the life of any community.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

The communication with another person; the learning that comes both from sharing knowledge and receiving new impulses; sometimes challenges from every student.

What is your earliest musical experience?

Plucking the strings of my first cello for the first time was an instant love affair. Later on, I am deeply grateful to all the marvelous musicians who coached me and inspired me so deeply.

Please describe one of your favorite teachers.

I had several teachers over the years, but they all shared this incredible love for music, integrity in playing and joy of music-making. All of my teachers were also first-rate performers.

What is your favorite type of music?
I love every period, but I do resonate a lot with Early and Baroque music as well as all kinds of sacred music.